Pickled Fresh

Pickled Fresh

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Everything sprouts in spring, spring bamboo shoots emerge. The freshness of spring bamboo shoots has been the delicacy on people’s tables since ancient times. Great poets have also written poems related to spring bamboo shoots, such as Li Shangyin, "The tender scented buds first came out of the forest, and the price in Yuling is as heavy as gold. Lingyun has an inch of heart." Yang Wanli has "spring bamboo shoots fat and good vegetables", and Bai Juyi once issued "Supplements every day, but not meat over time." sighed.
Every time when bamboo shoots go on the market, Shanghainese will cook a pot of "pickled fresh food". Marinated refers to bacon, and you can add ham if you want to taste it. Xian refers to fresh meat, preferably pork belly, but now people don’t want to eat too oily, so I bought ribs; “Tuk” is the Shanghai dialect. "Stewed" means to simmer slowly for a long time, and the stewed meat will produce the fragrance of the bamboo shoots.
Pickled Duxian is really worthy of the fresh word: the taste is salty and fresh, the soup has thick white juice, the meat is crispy, the bamboo shoots are crisp and tender, and the flavor is strong. Because the salt in the bacon will be added to the soup, this dish does not need to be seasoned with salt.


Pickled Fresh

1. Cut salty pork belly into pieces, soak in water for half a day in advance to remove part of the salty taste; slice ginger and cut shallots into sections.

Pickled Fresh recipe

2. For ribs, add 3 slices of ginger, half of green onion, 1 tablespoon of cooking wine, blanch the water, boil for 1-2 minutes, remove and rinse off the foam with warm water.

Pickled Fresh recipe

3. Peel off the bamboo shoots, cut off the old roots, and cut the hob into pieces.

Pickled Fresh recipe

4. Put all the ingredients into the pressure cooker, and add enough water to at least not have the ingredients.

Pickled Fresh recipe

5. Cook for another 15 minutes after the high fire SAIC. Because there is bacon, there is no need to add salt to taste.

Pickled Fresh recipe


①Because of the long-term preservation of bacon, the salt content is high, so it must be soaked in clean water at least half a day in advance to remove part of the salty taste.
②The salty taste of bacon will penetrate into the soup, so you don’t need to add salt for seasoning. However, due to the difference in the saltiness of the bacon and the length of soaking time, the taste of the soup may be different. Add salt or add boiling water.
③If the amount of water is insufficient, please add boiled water in the middle. After adding boiled water, be sure to boil it again.
④ If you don't need a pressure cooker, add more water and simmer for more than 1 hour until the meat is soft and hard to suit your taste.


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