Pitaya Hedgehog Buns

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns

by The delicious life of leaves

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Use natural ingredients as natural pigments to make pasta and desserts, which are healthy and beautiful, and then make them into the shape of small animals, which will please children even more!

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns

1. After the sweet potato is steamed, add sugar and put it in a wok, stir-fry until it is slightly dry, add butter and continue to fry until it can form a dough, put it in the refrigerator, take it out, divide it into 20 grams, and roll it into a filling.

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns recipe

2. Put all the materials except butter into the basin and knead the dough to form a thicker film.
After adding butter and continuing to knead to the expansion stage, put it in an oiled basin, cover with plastic wrap, and ferment at room temperature

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns recipe

3. When the dough has risen to twice its size, take it out and place it on the kneading mat for exhaust

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns recipe

4. Divide the dough into 12 small portions, respectively, round them, cover with plastic wrap, and allow for 10 minutes

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns recipe

5. Take a small dough and roll it into a circle

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns recipe

6. Then wrap the sweet potato filling

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns recipe

7. Then round the wrapped raw bread embryos into a pointed oval in front

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns recipe

8. Then use the pointed side as the hedgehog's head, and use scissors to cut small openings on the top of the bread to serve as the hedgehog's thorns

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns recipe

9. Then decorate the head with red beans to form the eyes of a little hedgehog

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns recipe

10. Prepare all the little hedgehog bread separately and put them in a non-stick baking pan

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns recipe

11. Then put it in the middle of the oven, put a bowl of warm water at the bottom of the oven, and start the second fermentation for 40 minutes

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns recipe

12. Take out the fermented bread and brush the surface with milk

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns recipe

13. Then preheat the oven 180 degrees, put the bread in the bottom of the oven and bake for 15 minutes

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns recipe

14. Take out the toasted bread

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns recipe

15. Put the bread on the baking net to dry to hand temperature, then put it into a fresh-keeping bag and store at room temperature.

Pitaya Hedgehog Buns recipe


1. The pitaya juice uses red heart pitaya directly into the food processor to make juice and then use it.


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