Iron Rod Yam recipes

Poached Bean Dampness Soup

Bone, Poached Beans, Chixiaodou

Curry Mushroom Meatballs with Yam and Carrot in Claypot

Mushroom Meatballs, Iron Rod Yam, Carrot

Black Chicken, Lotus Seed and Yam Soup

Black-bone Chicken, Iron Rod Yam, Lotus Seed

Yam Beef Congee

Beef, Iron Rod Yam, Rice

Wenbu Lamb Soup

Lamb, Iron Rod Yam, Red Dates

Old Turkey Soup

Old Hen, Iron Rod Yam, Red Dates

Iron Rod and Yam Pot Fish Maw

Iron Rod Yam, Flower Maw, Lean Meat

Love Tree-creative Fruit Platter

Strawberry, Iron Rod Yam, Cherry Tomatoes

Loach in Clay Pot and Yam

Iron Rod Yam, Cishi, Lean Meat

Cantonese Style Pork Belly Chicken Soup

Pork Belly, Tender Chicken, White Peppercorns