Poinsettia Braised Squid Seafood Rice

Poinsettia Braised Squid Seafood Rice

by Destination_v4mV

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The soft and tender squid and paella, mixed with the rich sauce-flavored braised soup, gently delivered to the mouth, one bite reminds of the mother's taste, made for her. "


Poinsettia Braised Squid Seafood Rice

1. Soak the glutinous rice for two hours, steam it in the pot for 20 minutes, take it out for later use, and dry it a little bit. Don't steam it thinly.

2. Peel the squid and remove the internal organs, but don't break the fish bucket. Four or five heads of shrimp, peeled and removed, a large one can be cut into two sections.

3. Put the glutinous rice in a large bowl, add shrimps, soaked dried shiitake mushrooms, green beans, diced carrots, and mix well with less salt. Use a spoon to add to the squid bucket, don't fill it too much, seal the opening with two toothpicks, and set aside.

4. Heat the pot with little oil, add green onion and ginger aniseed to fragrant, pour in a half bowl of seafood soy sauce, 2 spoons of oyster sauce, 3 spoons of southern milk, 4 spoons of Huadiao wine, stir and mix evenly, add a bowl of boiling water after frothing, and bring to a boil After adjusting to medium heat.

5. Put the squid bucket and squid head into the soup. After the soup is boiling, cover the pot and cook on medium heat for five minutes, then add the prawns, turn the squid over and cook for another five minutes, uncover the lid and collect the juice over high heat.

6. When the juice is almost harvested, remove the squid and prawns and place them in the plate. Use a thin slice knife to cut the squid bucket. Remove the impurities in the pot, thin the gorgon, collect the soup on high heat, and pour it on after thickening. Just use the squid.


This dish does not need to put salt and other condiments, and there is southern milk in the sauce, so the soup itself is red and shiny, and it has the aroma of fermented bean curd and wine. My dishes are basically creative, try to taste it, it's delicious.


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