Poloni Toast

Poloni Toast

by Moon Swallow

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Poloni intestine toast, the tricky way of eating toast slices, is a very foreign name. All you need is toast slices and simple ingredients, after baking, with a cup of milk, coffee and other drinks, it is a quick and delicious breakfast or afternoon tea!


Poloni Toast

1. Prepare the ingredients

Poloni Toast recipe

2. Take a piece of toast, press down with the mouth of the cup and cut the middle part

Poloni Toast recipe

3. Take another slice of toast in the same way.

Poloni Toast recipe

4. Squeeze an appropriate amount of salad dressing on another full slice of toast

Poloni Toast recipe

5. Two slices of toast cut in the middle are placed on top of the toast slice coated with salad dressing.

Poloni Toast recipe

6. Two slices of bacon are placed diagonally in the hole of the toast slice

Poloni Toast recipe

7. Sprinkle with shredded cheese

Poloni Toast recipe

8. Beat in an egg

Poloni Toast recipe

9. Put in the baking tray

Poloni Toast recipe

10. Put it into the pre-heated oven, select the baking mode, 170 degrees for about 15 minutes.

Poloni Toast recipe


The temper of each oven is different. The baking temperature and time are adjusted according to the actual situation. The air frying oven I used is the EAF18A model of ACA, with a capacity of 18L, and the temperature is relatively high and easy to cook. Bake until the egg whites are solidified, and the egg yolk is the best sugar core.


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