Pork Biscuits

Pork Biscuits

by Zhushanglin Lane

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It was hot and I was too lazy to toss the meatballs. I thought of a compromise and made a small cake with a richer taste.


Pork Biscuits

1. Mince pork leg, add chopped green onion

Pork Biscuits recipe

2. Add carrots

Pork Biscuits recipe

3. Add soy sauce

Pork Biscuits recipe

4. Add oyster sauce

Pork Biscuits recipe

5. Add cooking oil

Pork Biscuits recipe

6. Add eggs

Pork Biscuits recipe

7. Stir well

Pork Biscuits recipe

8. For a better taste, stir clockwise with chopsticks until gluten is formed

Pork Biscuits recipe

9. Knead into small balls and fry in a frying pan until golden on both sides.

Pork Biscuits recipe


Sum up years of cooking experience, and eat with children, just chop up the favorites and dislikes and put them together. There will definitely be unexpected results.


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