Pork Bone Mushroom Soup

Pork Bone Mushroom Soup

by Lightly gourmet

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Flammulina velutipes is delicious and nutritious, and can not only be used for cold dishes and shabu-shabu. The soup tastes good too. Winter melon has the effects of moisturizing the lungs, promoting fluids, resolving phlegm and quenching thirst, eliminating carbuncle and water, clearing heat and heat, detoxifying and purging pus. The wolfberry is sweet and ruddy in color. It has the "guardian of the immune system", "the companion of youth", and "the nemesis of cancer." "It is a good product for strengthening the body, nourishing and beautifying. Pig bones can strengthen the waist and knees, strengthen energy, replenish weakness, strengthen muscles and bones, and form a soup together to nourish yin and blood, replenish deficiency and relieve heat and trouble.


Pork Bone Mushroom Soup

1. This is the cartilage and meat removed from buying pork belly

Pork Bone Mushroom Soup recipe

2. Boiled in water and put in an electric pressure cooker

Pork Bone Mushroom Soup recipe

3. Put an appropriate amount of cold water in the soup stall

Pork Bone Mushroom Soup recipe

4. Use the time of the pressure cooker to prepare ingredients

Pork Bone Mushroom Soup recipe

5. Wash the enoki mushrooms and cut off the bottom; cut the winter melon into slices

Pork Bone Mushroom Soup recipe

6. The soup in the pressure cooker is ready, pour it into an iron pan and bring it to a boil

Pork Bone Mushroom Soup recipe

7. Add salt, add winter melon and enoki mushroom

Pork Bone Mushroom Soup recipe

8. Add wolfberry

Pork Bone Mushroom Soup recipe

9. Add coriander and sesame oil, a pot of delicious soup is ready

Pork Bone Mushroom Soup recipe


1. The stew soup will only be delicious with cold water soup;
2. Don't put the wolfberry too early;
2. There is no oil in the soup, and a little meat oil from the pork is added with a little pepper oil, which is fragrant but not greasy.


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