Pork Floss Cheese Bread

Pork Floss Cheese Bread

by Friendship_4

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Golden cheese, fragrant pork floss-there is no bread that is both nutritious and delicious. ^_^


Pork Floss Cheese Bread

1. Mix all the dough ingredients except butter to form an expanded state

Pork Floss Cheese Bread recipe

2. Put in softened butter (corn oil) and continue to blend until a large film is formed

Pork Floss Cheese Bread recipe

3. Fermented to double size

Pork Floss Cheese Bread recipe

4. Divide into 10-12 equal parts evenly after exhausting, spheronize and relax for 15 minutes

Pork Floss Cheese Bread recipe

5. Add the pork floss to the right amount of Chobe salad dressing and mix well, and it will be a little moist (I used homemade pork floss, which is relatively dry, so I used a 30g bag of Chobe salad dressing)

Pork Floss Cheese Bread recipe

6. Take a dough and roll it into an oval shape

Pork Floss Cheese Bread recipe

7. Put the pork floss mixed with salad dressing (appropriate amount is good, don't put too much bad bag)

Pork Floss Cheese Bread recipe

8. Roll it from one side and put the interface away

Pork Floss Cheese Bread recipe

9. Spread greased paper on the baking tray (the greased paper is not needed for non-stick baking trays), put the whole bread in sequence, put it in the upper layer of the oven, put a plate of hot water at the bottom of the oven, close the oven door, and leave for about 35 minutes About 2 times as big

Pork Floss Cheese Bread recipe

10. Take the cheese slices and cut them into slices according to the size of the bread (I want to dent a peanut shape, so I cut the cheese on a bread into two slices)

Pork Floss Cheese Bread recipe

11. Take out the fermented bread, brush with egg mixture, paste cheese slices, and squeeze Kubi salad dressing

Pork Floss Cheese Bread recipe

12. Finally, sprinkle an appropriate amount of chives to garnish, put it in the middle of the preheated oven, 170 degrees for about 20 minutes, and the surface is satisfactory

Pork Floss Cheese Bread recipe

13. The golden and fragrant bread is out, and a few were divided before taking pictures.

Pork Floss Cheese Bread recipe


1. The amount of milk in the recipe can be adjusted appropriately according to the water absorption of the flour.
2. The temperature of the oven should also be adjusted according to the temperature of your own oven, and the surface color is satisfactory.


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