Pork Liver Soup

Pork Liver Soup

by Knorr

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In addition to fried and steamed pork liver, it is also a very good choice for soup. A friend made this for me once, and I can’t forget it once I ate it. The pork liver is delicate and tender in the soup, and all the nutrients are retained in the soup. It’s so fresh and unreasonable. Now, I often take this too. Daotang treats others and brings not only deliciousness, but also health and care.


Pork Liver Soup

1. All ingredients

Pork Liver Soup recipe

2. Cut the pig liver into slices, soak part of the blood in clean water, and rinse off for later use

Pork Liver Soup recipe

3. Put water in a pot and boil, add shredded ginger

Pork Liver Soup recipe

4. Boil the liver until the liver changes color

Pork Liver Soup recipe

5. Stir in the rice wine to remove the smell, add salt, Knorr chicken essence, and white pepper to taste. The addition of Knorr Chicken Essence not only makes the soup taste more natural, but also lays the foundation for a delicious taste

Pork Liver Soup recipe

6. Sprinkle in the diced chives and coriander

Pork Liver Soup recipe


1. Pork liver is a kind of food with extremely high iron content, and it is also very easy to absorb, it is called "the holy product for blood". Because pork liver is easy to cook, it does not need to be boiled for too long, and the heat can be controlled to get a smooth and tender taste.
2. Knorr chicken essence is added to the pork liver soup, which has the effect of improving freshness. It is added before it is out of the pot to make the soup more fresh and sweet, with a simple and low-key taste and rich flavor.


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