Pork Paella

Pork Paella

by Yunyun Kitchen

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Cauliflower is a form of "cabinet coexistence" in many countries and regions. Whether it is the "home-cooked rice" that my mother is best at, the Japanese-style rice in a small Japanese restaurant or the Spanish seafood risotto, it can be very homely or very Western. You can stir-fry the vegetables and pour them into the rice cooker with rice. To cook, you can also cook the rice and mix the fried dishes with the rice, but it is always simple and fast, and the food for a meal is available.


Pork Paella

1. Put the rice and water into the rice cooker to cook.

Pork Paella recipe

2. Blanch the pickled vegetables and drain the water. Put sesame oil in a separate pot and fry until fragrant.

Pork Paella recipe

3. Cut the previously marinated meat into small pieces.

Pork Paella recipe

4. Mix the rice with meat and vegetables, pour in a little sesame oil, and mix well.

Pork Paella recipe


Today’s pork rice dish is to consume the char siu meat that has not been eaten before. For the specific method, please refer to the previous recipe "Japanese Char Siew-the warmest companion to a bowl of noodles". Braised pork can also be used. The water ratio is based on the rice cooker, so the detailed amount is not stated.


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