Potato Griddle Shrimp

Potato Griddle Shrimp

by Pure

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When fried potatoes meet fried shrimps, add your favorite red oil, linger for a few times, and it becomes the favorite product of the world-potato dry pot shrimp


Potato Griddle Shrimp

1. Wash the prawns, cut off the prawn silks, and remove the prawn threads

Potato Griddle Shrimp recipe

2. Cut the potatoes into square strips slightly less than one centimeter wide

Potato Griddle Shrimp recipe

3. Start the pot to burn oil and add more oil (you can use it to fry other vegetables in the end, it won’t be wasted); when the oil temperature rises until the chopsticks can bubble continuously, it means that the oil temperature is in place

Potato Griddle Shrimp recipe

4. Add potato chips to fry. Turn to low fire and explode. Fry the potatoes until they are golden and bubbling, then turn off the heat and set aside.

Potato Griddle Shrimp recipe

5. Re-start the fire, pour in the shrimp, then turn to a low heat and fry until the aroma is strong. When it is particularly fragrant, there is a fragrance of perfume, which can be filled out at this time.

Potato Griddle Shrimp recipe

6. Shrimp served

Potato Griddle Shrimp recipe

7. After frying the potatoes and shrimp, the oil is very fragrant, you can save it for cooking other dishes later

Potato Griddle Shrimp recipe

8. One or two tablespoons of oil is enough in the pot. After a little heat, pour about two tablespoons of bean paste and reduce the heat to a simmer. Boil the red oil

Potato Griddle Shrimp recipe

9. Pour in potatoes and shrimp, stir fry, add appropriate amount of salt, color evenly, and ready to cook

Potato Griddle Shrimp recipe

10. Sprinkle chopped green onion on top and you're done

Potato Griddle Shrimp recipe


If you like to eat strong flavors, you can add another spoonful of bean paste to make the red oil heavier~


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