Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes)

Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes)

by Clear water without fragrance _yl

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Although growing in the countryside,
But in my childhood I don't use this tortilla as a staple food anymore.
But my father loves to eat, my mother will occasionally make some as staple food adjustments.
Father likes to use it and eat it with salted fish, looking at the fragrance of it.
Can't help but taste it, I feel stuck in my throat, it's super hard to swallow!

Also living in the countryside,
My husband was not lucky when I was a child, he said that both in-laws are simpler.
The years when cornmeal was the staple food was his entire childhood!
It is said that no matter what the dish is, a circle of tortillas will be pasted on the wall of the pot as the staple food.
He didn't like it when he was a child, but he didn't like it or didn't like it, so he still had to use it to feed his stomach!
Whenever it comes to similar topics,
I would jokingly say, "Look at you, poor boy, who got me, the daughter of a big family who can eat fine grains. Are you secretly happy? Hey, marrying you, I will become a real marriage. Up!"
Nowadays, both cities and rural areas don’t seem to eat coarse grains much, right?
At least my in-laws and my natal family are not eating anymore!
Only in the farmhouse, will it appear in front of the diners,
As a characteristic of reminiscence of bitterness and sweetness.
However, for the modern age of material richness and even over-nutrition,
Most people may not use corn as food,
More people think that corn is equivalent to feed,
It is used to raise livestock~~~
In fact, it is essential to eat whole grains occasionally.
For example, crude fiber is much higher than refined grains, which can significantly improve intestinal peristalsis!
But the taste of cornmeal is rough and not everyone likes it.
From the perspective of healthy diet and the pursuit of color and fragrance.
It is necessary to prepare coarse grains carefully.
If you haven't done it before, you might as well try this method.
It's really not too difficult, and the taste is good!


Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes)

1. After mixing warm water (below 40°) and yeast, pour it into the flour mixed with cornmeal and white flour and knead it into a smooth dough. Then add some honey and sugar according to your desired sweetness. The amount depends on your mood. I didn't add it this time (because I want to lose weight)! Then put it in a place where the room temperature is higher for fermentation.

Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes) recipe

2. The dough can be used when it is doubled in size.

Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes) recipe

3. Knead it with your hands to remove the air.

Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes) recipe

4. Take the dough about 50g in size, knead it into a dough and press it into a round or oval shape.
Put it on the oiled paper on the cover curtain, cover it with a fresh-keeping bag or plastic wrap, and let it ferment for about 10 minutes.
(It must be on a smooth surface, otherwise it is easy to stick to the container)

Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes) recipe

5. Heat the double-bottomed pan (too thin pan is not suitable) and coat it with vegetable oil, and lay the tortilla dough into the pan.

Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes) recipe

6. Cover the lid and heat it evenly and slowly over low heat.

Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes) recipe

7. Don't turn it in a hurry. When a layer of hard rice crust forms at the bottom of the cake, use a spatula to separate the cake from the pan. This is enough as shown in the figure.
Just separate, no need to turn it over. I turn it over to show you the status. If you don't want to take a picture of me, you don't need to turn it over (snickering...).

Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes) recipe

8. Fill the pot with warm water that is about to submerge the cake,

Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes) recipe

9. Put the lid on and burn it on high heat.

Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes) recipe

10. When the pan is about to dry, adjust the heat to medium and small.

Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes) recipe

11. Until it's boiled dry, and there is rice crust next time,
Don't walk away at this time, always pay attention to the state, there is rice but not burnt.

Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes) recipe

12. It tastes the best when it is served hot, and it will harden when it is cold. If you can’t finish a meal, use a fresh-keeping bag to seal it. Next time, use a frying pan to heat it up and add a little water to heat it thoroughly until it becomes a state with crispy rice.

Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes) recipe

13. This product is very suitable for meat dishes, such as sweet and sour pork ribs, braised European, homemade fish stew and other heavy dishes.
Or scrambled eggs with small peppers, which is also very good, don't believe you try it!

Potsticker Pancakes in The Farmhouse (corn Pancakes) recipe


1. The proportion of cornmeal is relatively large, and the habit of having a thin throat and children may not be able to eat* (for example, when I was young, I didn't like it too much), you can increase the proportion of flour as appropriate.
2The cornmeal is divided into fine flour and small ballast, so you must use the subdivision, don't make a mistake... otherwise it will be difficult to swallow~
3. When making noodles, it is recommended to keep 20g of water. Different water absorption of flour may cause some errors. It is recommended to return more and less supplement.
4 The fermentation temperature is between 30°-40°, the fermentation will be faster. If the indoor temperature is relatively low, you can put it in the oven, or put hot water in the steamer, or put it in a heated place in winter. It is a good choice, but The temperature should not be overheated, the yeast will die completely if it exceeds 60°C, too much is too late, don't let the seedlings grow!
5. If you can't finish a meal, you must put it in a fresh-keeping bag when it is close to your body temperature, otherwise it will harden after drying.
Let's talk about these first, and add it later when you encounter it!


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