Preserved Egg

Preserved Egg

by Guava sauce

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In the hot summer, make a quick hand dish with a bowl of mung bean porridge for a small dinner


Preserved Egg

1. It seems that there are some places called red onions, but ordinary scallions can also be used

Preserved Egg recipe

2. Diced small onions

Preserved Egg recipe

3. Be sure to add more oil before adding more oil to keep the pot hot

Preserved Egg recipe

4. Three for two

Preserved Egg recipe

5. This brand is a little saltier and Yu Lei is also awesome

Preserved Egg recipe

6. Continue to stir evenly, do not add salt

Preserved Egg recipe

7. Saute the small onions and pour the egg and dried vegetables mixture

Preserved Egg recipe

8. You can fry it into pieces or turn it over and cut into slices

Preserved Egg recipe


When sauteing the onions, you can add more oil and then no longer add oil to keep the pot hot. A bowl of porridge is comfortable in summer.


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