Seasonal Vegetable Braised Rice

Seasonal Vegetable Braised Rice

by Xu Xiaoqi

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I'm tired of eating stir-fried rice. This braised rice is suitable for pregnant women and children. The combination of vegetable rice is very flavorful and nutritious!


Seasonal Vegetable Braised Rice

1. Canned sweet corn bought with corn kernels, peas kernels are quick-frozen, tomatoes should be soft and juicy, cross knife, easy to peel afterwards, 2 cheese slices, and pumpkin into small pieces!

Seasonal Vegetable Braised Rice recipe

2. Like steamed rice, the amount of water should be less than usual when steaming rice, because vegetables will leak water! Then put it in the rice cooker, put the pumpkin cubes!

Seasonal Vegetable Braised Rice recipe

3. Put the pea diced in and spread it flat on top of the pumpkin!

Seasonal Vegetable Braised Rice recipe

4. Put the corn kernels and spread them on the pumpkin and peas!

Seasonal Vegetable Braised Rice recipe

5. Sprinkle a small amount of salt on the ingredients to add some flavor!

Seasonal Vegetable Braised Rice recipe

6. In fact, you can put in edible oil or sesame oil, here I chose sesame oil, in order to better enhance the taste of the ingredients!

Seasonal Vegetable Braised Rice recipe

7. The black pepper at home is the kind of ground bottle, I think it tastes more positive, better than black pepper and the like! The freshly ground taste is more intense!

Seasonal Vegetable Braised Rice recipe

8. After the seasoning is finished, put the crossed tomato into the middle of the rice cooker! Then follow the steps of steaming rice and start steaming rice until the rice cooker jumps to the heat preservation time, then open the lid!

Seasonal Vegetable Braised Rice recipe

9. After jumping to the heat preservation, open the lid of the rice pot, tear the cheese slices into small pieces, and spread them on top of the vegetables. While the steam is hot, the cheese will melt!

Seasonal Vegetable Braised Rice recipe

10. Remove the skin of the tomato and mix the food in the pot with a rice spatula! At this time, you can smell the very fragrant milk aroma and the sweet and sour taste of tomatoes!

Seasonal Vegetable Braised Rice recipe

11. Put the rice in a bowl, sprinkle a layer of pepper, black sesame, etc. to increase the aroma and taste of the rice!

Seasonal Vegetable Braised Rice recipe


1. The choice of dishes can vary from person to person. If you like broccoli and onions, you can actually put some in it. Onions are more flavorful!
2. Black pepper can really enhance the flavor, a necessary ingredient!


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