Pumpkin Gorgon Sweet Soup

Pumpkin Gorgon Sweet Soup

by Hua Ning Yuyan

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Gorgon is generally used to cook porridge or soup. The brown fruit has round grains, a bit larger than ordinary soybean grains, and the texture is somewhat hard. Soak it in water before making it. It will be soft when cooked. In addition, Gorgon has different effects when paired with various different ingredients. Today I use it to make soup with white fungus, red dates, and pumpkin. It has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, and moisturizing the lungs. It is especially suitable for drinking now.


Pumpkin Gorgon Sweet Soup

1. All the ingredients are ready

Pumpkin Gorgon Sweet Soup recipe

2. Soak the white fungus with water in advance. It takes about 2 hours. The soaked white fungus is torn into small flowers, the smaller the smaller, the gel will appear when you boil, and the red dates should be soaked in advance.

Pumpkin Gorgon Sweet Soup recipe

3. Gorgon is actually very hard, so it must be soaked before making it. The soaking time is longer. I usually soak it the night before.

Pumpkin Gorgon Sweet Soup recipe

4. Cut pumpkin into small pieces for later use

Pumpkin Gorgon Sweet Soup recipe

5. Put the white fungus and red dates in a casserole, and then pour the soaked gorgon.

Pumpkin Gorgon Sweet Soup recipe

6. Pour in the right amount of water and add a piece of rock sugar. After the high heat is boiled, turn to a low heat and cook for 1 hour. The rice cooker can also be boiled. I am used to using a casserole to boil it slowly. The soaking time is short, and it takes longer to cook.

Pumpkin Gorgon Sweet Soup recipe

7. Finally, add the pumpkin and cook for about 20 minutes. Because the pumpkin is very ripe, don't put it in at the beginning, otherwise the pumpkin will be boiled.

Pumpkin Gorgon Sweet Soup recipe

8. Pumpkin Gorgon sweet soup is ready, drink it in winter, it's good to warm your stomach and nourish your stomach!

Pumpkin Gorgon Sweet Soup recipe


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