Lao Duck Soup

Lao Duck Soup

by maowo88

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Old duck soup, suitable for all ages, suitable for drinking in all seasons


Lao Duck Soup

1. Material: red dates, longan, wolfberry, lotus seed

Lao Duck Soup recipe

2. Red dates, longans, wolfberry, lotus seeds and other materials soak for 3 or 4 hours

Lao Duck Soup recipe

3. Boil the old ducks that you buy back home after cleaning. The old ducks can be pre-processed by the store when you buy them.

Lao Duck Soup recipe

4. Clean, see if there are any other hairs on the skin of the old duck, if any, pull it out with tweezers

Lao Duck Soup recipe

5. Put all the ingredients together with the old duck into the casserole, add enough water at a time

Lao Duck Soup recipe

6. After the high heat is boiled, simmer on a low heat for 2~3 hours, turn off the heat, and add some salt to taste

Lao Duck Soup recipe




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