Pork Bone Clear Tonic Soup

Pork Bone Clear Tonic Soup

by meggy dancing apple

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These days, the temperature is really unbearable, the outdoor temperature is over 40 degrees, and the air conditioning in the house is also 30 degrees. Sweaty, upset, no appetite, and lazy. As a cooking woman, we must make the family feel comfortable eating and drinking from the diet, and supplement nutrients in time.
This pot of broth is very fresh and refreshing, that is, it is diligent to satisfy the appetite, and it does not make people feel greasy. A few simple pieces of pork spine, coupled with the well-prepared soup clear supplement package, the pot of four people drank all, my southern husband touched his chubby belly and said, "The days with soup are so moisturizing. !"


Pork Bone Clear Tonic Soup

1. Chop the pork spine into small pieces and clean them, especially to remove the bone residue;

Pork Bone Clear Tonic Soup recipe

2. Bring it to a boil in a pot of warm water, remove the blood foam, and remove it from the boil. There is no need to rinse it;

Pork Bone Clear Tonic Soup recipe

3. The cleaning and replenishment package is ready;

Pork Bone Clear Tonic Soup recipe

4. Adenophora, Polygonatum odoratum, lotus seeds, lily, ginseng, Chinese yam, barley, red dates, scientifically proportioned, with the effects of clearing heat, removing dampness, strengthening the spleen and soothing the nerves;

Pork Bone Clear Tonic Soup recipe

5. Put all the blanched pork spine and clear ingredients into the pot, and add enough water;

Pork Bone Clear Tonic Soup recipe

6. I use the water-proof electric stew pot, close the lid and select the "soup" program;

Pork Bone Clear Tonic Soup recipe

7. The time is decided according to the taste that I like. I used it for 3 hours, and it came out with a clear and fresh soup. Salt can be sprinkled according to the taste, but I think it is slightly sweet and delicious without salt.

Pork Bone Clear Tonic Soup recipe


1. The pork bones must be blanched, so that the soup will be fresh and clear, not muddy or greasy;
2. The material package is bought ready-made, you can also refer to this to match it yourself.


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