QQ Glutinous Milk Biscuit

QQ Glutinous Milk Biscuit

This is a breakfast cake I randomly made,
The recent memory is not particularly good,
Pour out a bowl of low-gluten flour the night before,
I added two spoons of sugar,
Woke up the next day and completely forgot what to do. . .
Coupled with anxious work,
Add some milk and fry it and eat it directly.
Surprisingly super delicious, it's so sweet!







by Xiao Jin Four Meow

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How to make it (QQ Glutinous Milk Biscuit)

1. Weigh low-gluten flour in a bowl, about 100 grams for two people, according to their own food intake
QQ Glutinous Milk Biscuit recipe
2. Add appropriate amount of sugar, I don’t like sweets too much, add about 10 grams, you can increase the amount appropriately
QQ Glutinous Milk Biscuit recipe
3. According to the water absorption of your own flour, add milk and mix well, the finished product is a little bit milky~
QQ Glutinous Milk Biscuit recipe
4. Stir the ingredients in the bowl evenly with egg extract until it becomes a smooth liquid, not too thin, it will not form easily
QQ Glutinous Milk Biscuit recipe
5. Brush the pan with oil. A pure pan can fry 2-3 pieces in one pan. I only fit one in the middle of a pan with bumps.
QQ Glutinous Milk Biscuit recipe
6. Pour the batter into the pan, fry until the surrounding oil bubbling up, turn it over, and fry until both sides are browned.
QQ Glutinous Milk Biscuit recipe


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