Quick Breakfast Sandwich

Quick Breakfast Sandwich

by Looking for Peach Blossom Island

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The medium one-touch toast made with a bread machine is fluffy and soft, low in sugar and oil free, and sliced into a breakfast sandwich is really simple, convenient and healthy.


Quick Breakfast Sandwich

1. Roughly cut the one-touch toast into squares and slice cucumbers.

Quick Breakfast Sandwich recipe

2. Fried eggs and ham slices over low fire.

Quick Breakfast Sandwich recipe

3. Spread a little Thousand Island sauce on the toast. It is also delicious with salad dressing or peanut sauce.

Quick Breakfast Sandwich recipe

4. Stack the ham slices, cucumber slices and fried eggs. Cheddar cheese can also be used, but the amount of Thousand Island sauce should be reduced appropriately, otherwise the taste will be sour.

Quick Breakfast Sandwich recipe

5. Cut into pieces and serve on a plate.

Quick Breakfast Sandwich recipe


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