Quick Sandwich

Quick Sandwich

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Two slices of whole-wheat bread, plus a variety of vegetables, eggs, sausages and other fillings, come to such an energetic breakfast in the morning in a hurry, which will make you feel energetic throughout the day, plus a glass of milk And soy milk, very satisfied. And the method I introduced is a hot thick sandwich, no matter how much filling you can pack in, it is basically 3 to 5 times the amount of normal sandwich filling, if you don't believe it, try it!


Quick Sandwich

1. Prepare all the materials. The fillings can be added as you like. I just use what I have at home.

Quick Sandwich recipe

2. Clean the lettuce, cut the cucumber into long slices with an oblique knife, and divide the egg into two.

Quick Sandwich recipe

3. Spread the bread slices flat on the cling film (do not tear the cling film here, you need to use more in the process of wrapping, just cut it off after wrapping), and smear the salad dressing at the same time.

Quick Sandwich recipe

4. Place the fillings on the slices of bread in the order you like, and separate the colors, so that the finished product is more beautiful, and it will greatly increase your appetite, and it will be beautiful when you look at it.

Quick Sandwich recipe

5. Cover the final filling with another slice of bread, press a few times with your hand to make the filling firmer, and then wrap the sandwich tightly with plastic wrap. It must be firm, or when you cut it later or It is easy to squeeze the filling out when eating.

Quick Sandwich recipe

6. Use a sharp knife to cut horizontally, vertically, or with an oblique knife. It's easier to eat as you feel better. There are meat, eggs and vegetables, perfect~~

Quick Sandwich recipe


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