Quinoa Rice

In the rice that I made for dinner this time, my mother took out the good things her little sister gave, and added it, and she didn’t tell me mysteriously, but the rice had a delicate fragrance, and it was found to be white quinoa when it was served. This is really a good thing. It is rich in amino acids and various minerals. It has many benefits to the human body. Quinoa has a unique taste. After being cooked, it contains a refreshing nutty fragrance or a ginseng flavor. It has a slight crunching sound when chewing. Put it here. It is steamed on a rice cooker, and the sugar in the rice is filtered. It is quite a method of cooking rice. Steaming, draining, and continuing to steam. This rice is very good for the elderly and children. It is also suitable for people who lose weight and girls who are abstaining from sugar. The steamed rice is soft and glutinous. I ate 2 large bowls with my belly open. I don’t have to worry about getting fat anymore. Come and see if this meal is delicious?







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How to Make It

1. First, soak the rice for a while, pour it into the retort to drain, take the inner pot of the rice cooker and pour clean water, and put the retort into the inner pot.
2. Then pour the white quinoa into the retort. The quinoa is lighter and do not wash. You can choose no-washing and no-soaking.
3. Mix the quinoa with the rice, and put the inner pot into the rice cooker.
4. Plug in the power source, activate the low-sugar rice button, and start steaming.
5. After the steaming is complete, there is a box of leached rice underneath, which is super nutritious.