Braised Rice with Beans

Braised Rice with Beans

by Weilan Weibo

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I eat this meal at home. It’s simple and nutritious. It takes about 20 minutes to complete. The meal is prepared in one pot. The ingredients are randomly matched. You can choose between three meals. Of course, it is not a day to eat. It is delicious and not expensive. All the ingredients add up. The whole family eats a meal for less than 10 yuan, which the elderly and children love to eat. I especially like my friends. I often order food and I am happy. I don’t have to sweat in the kitchen during the summer.


Braised Rice with Beans

1. Prepare the ingredients, wash the beans, peel and wash the carrots, take the cooked corn, and the dried intestines are made by the niece, which is especially delicious

Braised Rice with Beans recipe

2. Boil the beans in the oil, or not blanch them. When frying, fry the beans first, stir them thoroughly before adding other ingredients and stir fry

Braised Rice with Beans recipe

3. The blanched beans are sub-cold water, and the water is controlled and dice into dices, carrots, dried sausages, and onions are dice.

Braised Rice with Beans recipe

4. Wash the rice

Braised Rice with Beans recipe

5. Add appropriate amount of oil to the wok, sauté the five-spice powder and chopped onion, add all the ingredients and stir fry

Braised Rice with Beans recipe

6. Stir fry to taste, add salt and light soy sauce to taste

Braised Rice with Beans recipe

7. Pour into an electric pressure cooker, add an appropriate amount of water, stir evenly, set the start switch of the cooking gear

Braised Rice with Beans recipe

8. It’s done automatically, and the bean stew is ready.

Braised Rice with Beans recipe

9. Put it out of the pot and put it on a plate, to see if you have a particularly appetite, and put a few slices of onion on it, which looks good and appetizing.

Braised Rice with Beans recipe


1. Bean stewed rice, except for beans, add other ingredients according to your favorite taste, there is no special requirement, you can do whatever you want.
2. If the beans are not blanched, they must be thoroughly fried when they are fried. The beans that completely change the color of green and green are fully fried, and the beans will be delicious.


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