Red Bean Moxa

Red Bean Moxa

by Q pig baby

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My mother taught me how to make moxa. I referenced several recipes on the Internet and combined with my own tastes to make this red bean moxa. Because the orange powder was added, it was kept in the refrigerator overnight, and it became hard when it was eaten the next day. After being heated in the microwave, it became soft again. I understand why Sister Hua told me that her glutinous rice cakes would harden because it was not pure glutinous rice flour. If it is pure glutinous rice flour, it will not harden in the refrigerator!


Red Bean Moxa

1. Weigh 20 grams of Ai

Red Bean Moxa recipe

2. Boil in boiling water for about 1 minute to pick up

Red Bean Moxa recipe

3. Soak in cold water, about 30 minutes

Red Bean Moxa recipe

4. Add 100 grams of water to the drained mugwort leaves and break them with a food processor

Red Bean Moxa recipe

5. Add the mugwort juice to all the powder

Red Bean Moxa recipe

6. Add the white granulated sugar crushed with a food processor

Red Bean Moxa recipe

7. Cut and mix, knead into dough

Red Bean Moxa recipe

8. Take 5 small pieces and put them in boiling water to cook

Red Bean Moxa recipe

9. Mix cooked dough and raw dough

Red Bean Moxa recipe

10. Dough and filling distribution: 20 grams each of Ai dough, 10 grams each of red bean paste

Red Bean Moxa recipe

11. Take a piece of moxa dough and flatten it, wrap it with a bean paste, and round it

Red Bean Moxa recipe

12. Apply a layer of salad oil

Red Bean Moxa recipe

13. After the water boils, steam for 10 minutes

Red Bean Moxa recipe

14. Each mori is dyed with a layer of coconut shreds

Red Bean Moxa recipe

15. Put on the paper pad

Red Bean Moxa recipe


The glutinous rice cakes, which are not made of pure glutinous rice flour, will become hard after cooling, so they taste best when eaten hot.


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