Red Bean Toast

Red Bean Toast

by Lizi 730

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Everyone is lazy in hot weather. After finishing work on Friday and taking a rest on Saturday, everyone wants to sleep in late and don’t want to get up to make breakfast. Make a toast today. Let me and my husband come together on Saturday to eat, so I don’t have to worry about what to eat. I think I'm really lazy. Haha. .


Red Bean Toast

1. Get the materials ready.

Red Bean Toast recipe

2. Put high-gluten flour, milk powder, sugar, corn oil, water, and yeast into the bread bucket.

Red Bean Toast recipe

3. Press the kneading program on the bread machine, and the time is 30 minutes.

Red Bean Toast recipe

4. After the noodles are reconciled, press the bread machine to make the dough, and the time is 40 minutes. (Due to the difference in weather, the noodles on hot days will be faster, and the noodles on cold days will increase.)

Red Bean Toast recipe

5. After the dough is ready for the first time, take out the dough. Put it on the panel to exhaust.

Red Bean Toast recipe

6. Divide the dough into three small balls.

Red Bean Toast recipe

7. After venting a small dough, roll it out into a strip and place the red beans on the surface of the dough. Slowly roll up from one side.

Red Bean Toast recipe

8. Exhaust all three doughs, shape them, put the red beans, and put the dough in the toast box.

Red Bean Toast recipe

9. The oven is adjusted to the fermentation function, and the toast box is placed in the oven. Place a baking tray under the toast box and put some warm water on the plate. These are helpful for toast fermentation. The fermentation time is 30-40 minutes.

Red Bean Toast recipe

10. When the toast is 8 minutes full, the dough is ready for the second time, and the toast is covered.

Red Bean Toast recipe

11. Take out the baking tray with water in the oven, adjust the oven setting to the upper and lower tubes for baking, the temperature is 180 degrees, and the time is about 40 minutes.

Red Bean Toast recipe

12. After baking, take out the toast box, buckle the bread, and let the bread cool. It's ready to eat.

Red Bean Toast recipe


1. There are several kinds of flour, and I choose bread flour (high-gluten flour) for making bread here.
2. Because each type of flour has different water absorption, you can put a little less when you put in the water, or you can see that the flour is thin when you make the dough, add a little flour.
3. You can put all kinds of dried fruits in the bread, I put red beans here. You can put cranberries, raisins, coconut, etc.
4. Everyone is very worried. Are you good at making face-to-face models? In fact, as long as you knead the dough for 25-30 minutes for the first time, you use a little bit of dough to slowly open it, so I don’t have the picture above.
5. Put a little bit of water in the oven when you propagate the dough for the second time, which will help speed up the dough.
6. Baking bread, because the oven is different, the toast box is different, so the time will be different, please observe by yourself, or use a thermometer.
7. After the toast is baked, it is ready to be cut after cooling. If you can't finish it. Wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator. When you want to eat it, put it in the microwave and heat it up.


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