Refreshing Chicken Soup

Refreshing Chicken Soup

by Twilight shadow

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Women drink more soup, nourish stomach and heart, and skin care. Especially the good ingredients that are rare in Beijing oil chicken. The taste is mellow and full-bodied.


Refreshing Chicken Soup

1. Clean the ingredients

Refreshing Chicken Soup recipe

2. Ingredients soak for 30 minutes

Refreshing Chicken Soup recipe

3. You need to blanch the chicken

Refreshing Chicken Soup recipe

4. Put the oil chicken into the casserole of soaking ingredients

Refreshing Chicken Soup recipe

5. Simmer for about 2 and a half hours. Anshi Agricultural Branch Beijing chicken, expert guidance from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, authentic Beijing flavor, nutritious and healthy quality ingredients!

Refreshing Chicken Soup recipe


1. Pay attention to the small fire stewed chicken during the production process. \n2. Ingredients can be added according to personal preference.


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