Mushroom Chicken Soup

Mushroom Chicken Soup

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Anshi Nongke Beijing Oil Chicken, the meat is tender and smooth, rich in free amino acids, it is the most delicious and nutritious when used in soup. There are many ways to make chicken soup, and I love the dried mushrooms after soaking.


Mushroom Chicken Soup

1. Soak the shiitake mushrooms in warm water in advance until they are all soft

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

2. Do not remove the butt and head of the chicken

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

3. Chop the chicken into small pieces, the back of the chicken skin is covered with a layer of golden oil, which looks alluring

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

4. After the chicken is chopped, clean it twice, put it in the pressure cooker, and put in the ginger

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

5. Add water to 1.2 times the height of the chicken

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

6. Pour the soaked shiitake mushrooms

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

7. Add salt, the salt is added first than the chicken broth that is cooked and then salted is stronger

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

8. Cover the lid and the gas valve and start cooking

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

9. Turn to the lowest fire after the pressure cooker sounds, as shown in the picture, continue to cook for 20 minutes to turn off the fire

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

10. Open the lid after the air valve goes down, wow, the scent is tangy

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

11. The golden chicken soup is very tempting! Anshi Agricultural Branch Beijing Oil Chicken, exclusive guidance from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, authentic Beijing flavor, nutritious and healthy quality ingredients

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe


1: Look for the Anshi Nongke Beijing Oil Chicken, stew or braised are all good choices, the express delivery has been processed cleanly, just need to rinse a little
2: Dried shiitake mushroom soup is more fragrant. Fresh wet shiitake mushrooms are not recommended. Dried shiitake mushrooms must be soaked one or two hours in advance
3: Simmer the soup on a low heat to make the soup more flavorful


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