Refreshing Cold Dishes

Refreshing Cold Dishes

by Warm husband life

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This mixed dish tastes very good, but it can be used as a breakfast side dish, a bowl of porridge or noodles are all good choices. The peanuts are freshly fried by themselves, let cool a little, and they are crunchy and delicious, and the sauce that you make yourself tastes even better. My WeChat public account [Nuanfu Life], friends you like can follow~


Refreshing Cold Dishes

1. Soak the fungus one night in advance, shred the round lettuce

Refreshing Cold Dishes recipe

2. Shred cucumber

Refreshing Cold Dishes recipe

3. Shred the carrots, shred the fungus, and cut the coriander into a large bowl.

Refreshing Cold Dishes recipe

4. Roasted sesame seeds, put in a small bowl

Refreshing Cold Dishes recipe

5. Stir-fry the peanuts until they are fragrant, let cool, and pour them into the freshly cut bowl

Refreshing Cold Dishes recipe

6. Put a small amount of oil in a hot pan, add pepper and fry it until fragrant, remove the pepper and discard it

Refreshing Cold Dishes recipe

7. Prepare the sauce: pour the oil that has just been fried in Chinese pepper into a sesame bowl, then add an appropriate amount of sugar, balsamic vinegar, salt, and chicken essence, mix well

Refreshing Cold Dishes recipe

8. Pour the sauce on the dish and mix well.

Refreshing Cold Dishes recipe


All kinds of vegetables can be exchanged according to your own taste. My personal WeChat: nuanfu9 If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me~


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