Resha Dumplings

Resha Dumplings

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Northerners like to eat dumplings during the New Year, while southerners like to eat dumplings. I remember that when I was very young, my mother used to make glutinous rice balls, but when the conditions at home became better, the family didn’t make glutinous rice balls much. They just bought ready-made rice balls.

Today, I will share a new way to eat glutinous rice balls, without frying or frying, friends who like to eat glutinous rice balls can try it! Leisha glutinous rice balls are different from ordinary glutinous rice balls. They are eaten dry, with the taste of soybean flour, which tastes a bit like donkey rolling! If you are tired of cooking glutinous rice balls, you might as well try this method. The method is very simple and it is worth learning.


Resha Dumplings

1. Soybeans are ground into powder, or you can buy soybean powder directly

Resha Dumplings recipe

2. Put the soybean flour into a clean non-stick pan and fry until cooked through low heat.

Resha Dumplings recipe

3. Prepare black sesame glutinous rice balls, or other flavors of glutinous rice balls

Resha Dumplings recipe

4. Bring water to a boil in the pot, add the glutinous rice balls and cook until the glutinous rice balls float

Resha Dumplings recipe

5. The cooked glutinous rice balls under ice water, the skin becomes more elastic

Resha Dumplings recipe

6. Soy flour, black sesame and powdered sugar mixed together

Resha Dumplings recipe

7. Pick up the cooked glutinous rice balls and drain the water and place them on the soy flour.

Resha Dumplings recipe


It’s delicious to make breakfast, but it’s actually a bit like a donkey rolling


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