Rice Cooker Cake

Rice Cooker Cake

by Penny Lee

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There is no oven at home, and it is really convenient that a rice cooker can make cakes. The cake made by the rice cooker won't get hot after eating, you can try to make it! It's just that my rice cooker is high in the middle and low on the sides, so the bottom of the cake is uneven.


Rice Cooker Cake

1. Prepare the ingredients needed to make the cake.

Rice Cooker Cake recipe

2. Separate the egg white and egg yolk.

Rice Cooker Cake recipe

3. Put a little salt in the egg white (helps to beat).

Rice Cooker Cake recipe

4. Beat the egg whites at a low speed until they are fish-eye bubbles and add 20 grams of sugar, then beat them until soap bubbles, add 20 grams of sugar and continue beating at low speed.

Rice Cooker Cake recipe

5. Turn to high speed when there are lines. It won’t flow down until the egg white basin is turned upside down, so the egg whites will be beaten.

Rice Cooker Cake recipe

6. Take the remaining 20 grams of sugar into the egg yolk and stir well until the egg yolk becomes lighter in color.

Rice Cooker Cake recipe

7. Add 50 grams of milk and stir well.

Rice Cooker Cake recipe

8. Slowly put the sifted flour into the custard on top of 3 times and stir.

Rice Cooker Cake recipe

9. Pour the beaten egg whites into the batter twice (left and right, front and back) and stir for one minute. Do not make a circular motion, as the circular motion will eliminate the bubbles of the egg white!

Rice Cooker Cake recipe

10. Press the cooking button to preheat the rice cooker for one minute, and pour 40 grams of oil into the pot evenly to prevent sticking to the pot. Pour in the stirred egg batter and squat a few times to shake out the bubbles.

Rice Cooker Cake recipe

11. Choose essence to cook. Insert it with a toothpick, pull it up and see that there is no sticky material, it will be baked. Otherwise, cover it and simmer for 10 minutes.

Rice Cooker Cake recipe


1. When beating the egg whites, you can change the salt to a drop or two of lemon juice or vinegar.
2. The default time for the essence of our rice cooker is 45 minutes, and the time can be adjusted according to the rice cooker of our own!
3. Don't rush to take out the cake immediately after it is cooked. The cake will shrink after five minutes, so it is much easier to take it out at this time.


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