Rice Toast (soup Method)

Rice Toast (soup Method)

by Braised Braised Chef (From Sina Weibo.)

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COUSS chef machine CM-1500 trial soup type: In Japanese, it means warm noodles or thin noodles. "Soup" means boiling water, hot water, and hot spring water. "Seed" means seeds, varieties, materials, and surface fertilizer (seeds). First mix part of the flour with boiling water, let it cool or use it after refrigerating, and then add the main dough to ferment together. After the flour is heated and gelatinized, it is more water-absorbent and has better moisturizing properties. The resulting bread texture is softer and elastic, which can delay aging.
Japanese and Taiwanese chefs like to make bread with the soup method. In October, I went to Hong Kong to participate in the bread course of the Taiwanese Xiaopang teacher. Several of the breads were made with soup.
However, the soup used this time is a bit different from the 65-degree soup I used before. This soup has a low water content and is a bit like a hot soup. In fact, I am a bit embarrassed about the soup and hot soup.

This rice toast is made by adding rice and soup to the dough, and the bread is made with a springy texture, soft and springy rice bread, try it if you like it!

Rice Toast (soup Method)

1. Pour the soup ingredients into the basin

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

2. Mix well with a rubber spatula and let cool for later use

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

3. Put the rice, ice water and soup into the mixing bucket of the chef's machine

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

4. Add all ingredients except butter

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

5. Install the mixing bucket on the machine, turn on the 2nd gear, mix the dry and wet materials evenly, and then turn on the 3rd gear to start kneading

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

6. After kneading for about 10 minutes, add softened butter

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

7. Turn on the 2nd gear to blend the butter and the dough, then turn on the 4th gear for kneading

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

8. After about 12 minutes, the dough is kneaded to the fully expanded stage

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

9. Round the dough, put it in a basin, and put it in a warm place for the first fermentation (room temperature is about 28 degrees, fermentation is 1 hour to 2 times larger)

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

10. Divide the dough into 6 equal parts, cover with plastic wrap and relax for 20 minutes

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

11. Roll the loosened dough into an oval shape

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

12. After turning it over, fold inward at 1/3 of the left and right sides to roll out the dough

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

13. Thin the bottom edge, roll it into a roll from top to bottom, and lightly press to close the mouth, and then discharge into the toast mold in turn

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

14. Put it into the COUSS fermentation tank, turn on 38 degrees for the final fermentation for about 60 minutes until the dough is 9 minutes full of the mold

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

15. Cover the toast mold, put it in the lower layer of the oven preheated to 180 degrees, and bake for 35 minutes

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

16. After baking, take out the toast box and remove the lid

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe

17. Put it on the drying rack and let it cool

Rice Toast (soup Method) recipe


1. The water content of different brands of flour is different, and the water content should be increased or decreased according to different flours.

2. If the soup is not used up, it can be kept in the refrigerator for about 3 days.
3. This is the amount of 2 pieces of toast. If you make one piece, all ingredients will be halved.


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