Rilakkuma Biscuits

Rilakkuma Biscuits

by Angel falling to earth

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I bought cocoa powder and it has been useless. I was thinking of making a small biscuit for my baby as a snack. The ones bought outside are really not reassuring. Although you can’t eat more desserts, you can make them yourself, which is much safer than the ones you bought. I used to bake biscuits. You need to set the time, temperature, etc. Now, with the Internet oven to bake biscuits directly with one-click operation, it is very simple. Is it very high-tech? Even if you are not in front of the oven or simply not at home, you only need to tap the phone, and the oven will automatically bake the biscuits for us. If you don’t have a recipe, you can refer to the cloud recipe and perform a one-click fool operation. Haha, children are all I can play around. I used to be afraid that my child would be burned or dangerous in front of the oven. Now it’s fine. You can send instructions to the oven at any distance. It’s really comfortable. I hope that all home appliances will be remotely controlled by mobile phones in the near future. That's so convenient.

Rilakkuma Biscuits

1. Prepare the ingredients.

Rilakkuma Biscuits recipe

2. After the butter has melted, put it in an egg beater, add some powdered sugar and start stirring.

Rilakkuma Biscuits recipe

3. Add the powdered sugar to the butter several times and mix it together with a spatula to prevent the powdered sugar from flying around. Be careful not to touch the whisk.

Rilakkuma Biscuits recipe

4. The butter is feathered.

Rilakkuma Biscuits recipe

5. Add the egg liquid in portions and continue beating until fully integrated.

Rilakkuma Biscuits recipe

6. Sift in the low powder and cocoa powder and mix well.

Rilakkuma Biscuits recipe

7. Knead it into a smooth dough, wrap it in a fresh-keeping bag and let it sit for more than 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Rilakkuma Biscuits recipe

8. Roll the dough into pieces on tin foil and press out the shape with a mold.

Rilakkuma Biscuits recipe

9. The prepared biscuits are placed on the plate, leaving a certain gap in the middle to avoid adhesion. Start the biscuits and tart mode to preheat first.

Rilakkuma Biscuits recipe

10. After preheating, put in biscuits and bake.

Rilakkuma Biscuits recipe

11. Put the black and white chocolate into the piping bag, melt it with 40°C water, and cut a small mouth at the front end.

Rilakkuma Biscuits recipe

12. Draw emoticons on the cookies.

Rilakkuma Biscuits recipe


The biscuits should be of moderate thickness. The butter melts faster when cut into small pieces. It is hot in summer and it is not easy to solidify after the butter melts. If the butter has been beaten to water and not sent, just put it in the refrigerator for a while and continue to beat it. Enough.


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