Roasted sweet potato

Hot roasted sweet potato is a heart-warming existence in winter

Roasted sweet potato is one of the favorite snacks of many friends when they were young. Whenever they smell a sweet burnt fragrance, they will always be eager to find it. Picking one heartily and holding it in your hand feels like a treasure. Although it is hot to and fro, it feels that this is the ritual sense of eating sweet potatoes.

Carefully tore off the honey-stained epidermis, and ate it in small bites. The simple sweetness, soft and smooth taste, and warm palms became the warmest childhood memories.







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How to Make It

1. Clean sweet potatoes
2. I bought the steamer with the corresponding recipe
3. Spread a piece of greased paper or tin foil on the baking tray
4. Put it in the steam oven
5. 200 degrees up and down, 50 minutes
6. Baked
7. Very fragrant
8. Fragrant and sweet
9. Feeling back to childhood
You can pause and turn it over when it's half roasted