Sweet Potato Dumplings

Sweet Potato Dumplings

by Leer 6395

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Although it is not recommended to eat supper, but I have no resistance to glutinous rice balls. It is OK to eat it once in a while, haha


Sweet Potato Dumplings

1. Wash sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato Dumplings recipe

2. Peel, cut into pieces with a hob, soak in clean water before cooking

Sweet Potato Dumplings recipe

3. The glutinous rice balls are made before and put in the refrigerator. Take them out and cook them without thawing.

Sweet Potato Dumplings recipe

4. Cut some minced ginger

Sweet Potato Dumplings recipe

5. Add appropriate amount of water to the soup pot, add ginger

Sweet Potato Dumplings recipe

6. After boiling water, add sweet potato pieces

Sweet Potato Dumplings recipe

7. Boil for 3~4 minutes, add glutinous rice balls and cook until cooked

Sweet Potato Dumplings recipe

8. Out of the pot

Sweet Potato Dumplings recipe


1. Before the sweet potatoes are cooked, they should be held tightly with water so that they will not change color.
2. The length of time to cook sweet potatoes depends on the size of the sweet potatoes. For small pieces, the cooking time is shorter.


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