Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

by Fan Fan Chi Baking

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There happened to be a sweet potato from a friend at home. Although it is not beautiful, it is pure and natural, so I immediately roasted the sweet potato in a saucepan. The roasted sweet potato is moist and sweet, which is really delicious.


Roasted Sweet Potatoes

1. Use a small brush to gently brush off the fine sand and soil on the surface of the sweet potato, drain the water and set aside

Roasted Sweet Potatoes recipe

2. Put the grill into the casserole, my grill is about 17 cm in diameter

Roasted Sweet Potatoes recipe

3. Prepare 2 pieces of 45-50cm tin foil, first put one piece horizontally into the casserole, put the tin foil directly on the grill, close to the inside of the casserole on the side, and wrap the edge of the casserole on the top

Roasted Sweet Potatoes recipe

4. Another piece of tin foil is cross-shaped and placed in the casserole, flattened and compacted

Roasted Sweet Potatoes recipe

5. Wrap the excess tin foil shortly around the edge of the pot, and put in the sweet potatoes (don't have too much sweet potatoes, 4-5 of a moderate size are enough, if the sweet potatoes are small, you can add them as appropriate)

Roasted Sweet Potatoes recipe

6. Cover the lid and roast on high heat for 30 minutes. The roasting time is related to the firepower and the size of the sweet potato, so if the sweet potato is small, please shorten the time

Roasted Sweet Potatoes recipe

7. Turn the sweet potato over after 30 minutes. Please note that the Kunbo casserole is very hot at this time, and I use heat insulation gloves and food tongs side by side

Roasted Sweet Potatoes recipe

8. After continuing to bake for 20 minutes, a lot of honey juice comes out on the surface of the sweet potato, turn off the heat and simmer for 10 minutes

Roasted Sweet Potatoes recipe

9. Use chopsticks to lightly open the sweet potatoes, the healthy and delicious casserole sweet potatoes are cooked

Roasted Sweet Potatoes recipe

10. Sweet potatoes are very sweet, not as choking as they are baked in the oven

Roasted Sweet Potatoes recipe


1. Whether the sweet potatoes are roasted, you can use toothpicks or chopsticks to pierce the sweet potatoes. If you can insert them easily, they will be fully cooked; 2. Use smaller sweet potatoes as much as possible, and the roasting time will be shorter; 3. The roasted sweet potatoes are the best It’s a sweet potato that’s been dried at home, so it’s sweeter


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