Rose Biscuits

Rose Biscuits

by Ma Lin

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I bought some kinds of plums a few days ago, thinking about putting some when making biscuits to increase the flavor. I especially like the taste of dried roses, and I have never paid attention to buying cranberries. This dried rose tastes better than cranberries. You can put more, sour and sweet, very appetizing. A cup of scented tea, a sweet afternoon, just right


Rose Biscuits

1. After the butter is softened, add powdered sugar and beat evenly

Rose Biscuits recipe

2. Add in the egg liquid and beat evenly, completely blended

Rose Biscuits recipe

3. Sift in the low flour, slightly chop the dried rose, not too crushed, use a spatula to cut and mix evenly

Rose Biscuits recipe

4. Put the batter into a fresh-keeping bag, put it into a fresh-keeping bag box and form a square, and put the batter into the refrigerator together with the box and freeze for more than 1 hour until hard

Rose Biscuits recipe

5. Take out and cut into thin slices, put in a baking tray, 165 degrees, upper and lower heat, middle layer, about 20 minutes, the surface is slightly yellow

Rose Biscuits recipe


Dried roses can be replaced with any preserves, such as dried cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, dried ebony and so on.


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