Rose Flower Gnocchi

Rose Flower Gnocchi

by Yilan Tinghai

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Most of the glutinous rice balls are cooked directly in the pot and eaten, but it will inevitably be a bit greasy after eating. So adding roses when cooking will not only relieve the greasiness, but also have a slight floral fragrance.


Rose Flower Gnocchi

1. The rose is brewed with boiling water to let the rose soak its flavor.

Rose Flower Gnocchi recipe

2. After the rose has soaked its flavor, pour the scented tea into the pot.

Rose Flower Gnocchi recipe

3. After pouring the scented tea, let it boil again.

Rose Flower Gnocchi recipe

4. Disassemble the prepared glutinous rice balls and pour the glutinous rice balls into the pot.

Rose Flower Gnocchi recipe

5. After boiling, continue to cook over medium heat. Stir while boiling, otherwise it will stick to the pan.

Rose Flower Gnocchi recipe

6. When the glutinous rice balls are all cooked to float, it means that the glutinous rice balls are fully cooked.

Rose Flower Gnocchi recipe


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