Rose Steamed Dumplings

Rose Steamed Dumplings

by Original Life•Home

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What should I do if the filling is left over? Of course, use dumpling wrappers to solve it. Buy a pound of dumpling skins, put fillings, and rolls. The beautiful and delicious rose-steamed dumplings have become a beautiful scenery on the New Year's table.


Rose Steamed Dumplings

1. Stir the mixed meat again to make it even and firm. (For the seasoning method of minced meat, please refer to my previous recipe "Homemade Meat Pie")

Rose Steamed Dumplings recipe

2. Displace the dumpling wrappers one by one and arrange them in a row

Rose Steamed Dumplings recipe

3. Spread a layer of filling on the top half

Rose Steamed Dumplings recipe

4. Fold up the bottom half

Rose Steamed Dumplings recipe

5. Roll it up on one side and a rose dumpling is ready

Rose Steamed Dumplings recipe

6. Put the rose dumplings on the pot and steam for 20 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 3 minutes.

Rose Steamed Dumplings recipe


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