Various Fillings recipes

Snowy Mooncake

Rose Flower, Sticky Rice, Water

Snowy Mooncake

Ice Powder, Hot Water Above 85 Degrees, Various Fillings

Mid-autumn Moon Cakes

All-purpose Flour, Whole Milk Powder, Peanut Oil

Snowy Mooncake

Moon Cake Powder, Water, Various Fillings

Cantonese-style Moon Cakes

Moon Cake Syrup, Jianshui, Oil

Rose Steamed Dumplings

Dumpling Skin, Various Fillings

White Pastry

Flour, Oil, Water

Milky Multi-flavored Bread

Self-raising Flour, Milk, Various Fillings

Simple and Easy to Make Snowy Mooncakes

Dried Roses, Starch, Various Fillings