Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball

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Sushi is Japanese cuisine with vinegar as the main ingredient in the rice. Like other Japanese cuisines, sushi is very bright in color.

When it comes to sushi, the first thing that pops up in my mind is sushi with sashimi on the rice balls. However, I dare not eat raw meat, so some people say that if I go to Japanese cuisine, I will have half the choice. This is true.

I don't know much about sushi. I heard that it comes in various forms, such as hand rolls, nigiri sushi, inari sushi, etc. Among them, "sushi rice balls", I personally accept it more.

To make this sakura-shaped sushi rice ball, in addition to the rice, it is decorated with purple potato mash, sushi vinegar, and cheese slices. The cute shape and beautiful color. My kids love it. If adults eat it, you can season it appropriately or add some salad dressing.

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball

1. Ingredients are prepared and weighed; a pot of rice is cooked in a rice cooker, 150 grams of short round rice, 180 ml of water, the ratio of rice to water is about 1:1, the water can be a little more; when the rice is almost cooked, treat the purple Peel the potato and purple potato into slices, cut into strips and cut into small dices.

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball recipe

2. Add a small amount of water to the steamer, set the steaming rack, and place the flat plate with diced purple potatoes on the steaming rack. Bring to a boil and steam for 3-4 minutes.

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball recipe

3. For the steamed purple sweet potato, carefully take out the dish, press the purple sweet potato into mashed potato with a spoon while it is hot, cover it for later use.

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball recipe

4. Take 300 grams of cooked rice while it's hot, put it in a deep dish, add sushi vinegar, and mix evenly with a rice spoon.

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball recipe

5. Pour the mashed purple potato into the rice and mix evenly with a rice spoon.

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball recipe

6. The mixed purple potato sushi rice is covered with a lid to prevent it from drying out.

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball recipe

7. Cut a piece of plastic wrap, apply a thin layer of salad oil, place it on the electronic scale, and weigh 40 grams of sushi rice.

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball recipe

8. Wrap the plastic wrap with both hands, compact and round the rice ball.

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball recipe

9. The rice ball is adjusted into an oval shape, pressed into the pattern mold of the "wagashi" mold, and pressed and compacted with the belly of the finger.

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball recipe

10. Close the film of the wagashi mold and press the rice ball down with the belly of your fingers.

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball recipe

11. Knock it down a few times, remove the mold, unmold, put the sushi rice ball in the box and cover it, and continue the above 8-10 steps to complete the remaining sushi rice ball.

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball recipe

12. All the sushi rice balls are completed. Take a slice of original cheese and print a small round piece with an ordinary milk straw to make the flower core in the middle.

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball recipe

13. Use a knife to slash a thin strip and make a flower core decoration.

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball recipe

14. Combine, use the tip of a knife to gently place the small round piece in the middle of the sakura-shaped sushi rice ball, and place the remaining thin strips around.

Sakura-shaped Sushi Rice Ball recipe


1. The rice of rice is short round rice.

2. The purple potato puree reacts after contact with sushi vinegar, and the color changes better. If there is no purple potato, you can use other ingredients or food coloring instead of coloring.

3. When the rice ball is pressed into the mold, it will be compacted as much as possible.

4. The sushi rice needs to be covered. When using a small part to make a cherry blossom shape, cover the remaining part to prevent it from drying out.

5. The prepared sushi rice balls should be sealed and refrigerated to be eaten as soon as possible; hold them directly when eating.

6. This sushi rice ball will have a lighter taste. You can wrap it with cheese slices or add some seasoning to eat together.

7. The mold used in the production is the cherry blossom-shaped wagashi mold from Suncity.


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