Salmon sashimi

Salmon sashimi

I don’t usually eat too much salmon at home. Because salmon is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, it can effectively reduce blood lipids and blood cholesterol, and prevent cardiovascular diseases. So occasionally still taste the taste. The easiest way to prepare salmon is sashimi, which is eaten raw. It can also be fried.







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How to make it (Salmon sashimi)

1. Main and auxiliary ingredients: salmon, horseradish
Salmon sashimi recipe
2. Put an appropriate amount of crushed ice in the plate, then cover with a layer of plastic wrap, and set aside
Salmon sashimi recipe
3. Slice frozen salmon meat
Salmon sashimi recipe
4. Place the cut salmon on a plate
Salmon sashimi recipe
5. Mix with dipping sauce, put horseradish in a bowl, add light soy sauce and vinegar
Salmon sashimi recipe
6. Serve the dipping sauce and salmon at the same time.
Salmon sashimi recipe

1. The ratio of horseradish, vinegar and light soy sauce can be arbitrarily matched according to your own taste.
2. You can also use ginger juice to make a dip.