Salt Baked Shrimp

Salt Baked Shrimp

by Brother Xiaoyu's private house

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On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a simple, delicious, and high-value salt-baked shrimp is for everyone! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone! Family reunion!


Salt Baked Shrimp

1. Cut the prawns off the legs, remove the prawn silk, and the prawn thread.

Salt Baked Shrimp recipe

2. Sprinkle some self-prepared marinade and rice wine to marinate for a while,

Salt Baked Shrimp recipe

3. Put sea salt and pepper in the pot without oil,

Salt Baked Shrimp recipe

4. Heat on a low fire, and fry until the salt grains turn yellow.

Salt Baked Shrimp recipe

5. Cover the baking tray with tin foil and sprinkle a layer of sea salt,

Salt Baked Shrimp recipe

6. The prawns suck up the water and place them on sea salt.

Salt Baked Shrimp recipe

7. Cover it with a layer of sea salt,

Salt Baked Shrimp recipe

8. Oven at 200°, sealed with tin foil and bake for 13-15 minutes,

Salt Baked Shrimp recipe

9. Uncover the tin foil, wow! It tastes so fresh!

Salt Baked Shrimp recipe


For the first time, please observe the temperature and time according to the temper of your own oven.


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