Salted Lemon Steamed Aconitum

Salted Lemon Steamed Aconitum

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Salted Lemon Steamed Aconitum

1. Scrape the scales, remove the intestines (you can ask the fishmonger to do it), and clean the inside and outside.

Salted Lemon Steamed Aconitum recipe

2. Cut the belly of the fish from the beginning to the end, divide the fillets along the spine of the fish, place the fish on the plate with the back facing up, and place the salted lemon slices on the fish. After the water in the steamer is boiling, put the steamed fish dish in the pot and steam for about 8 minutes on high heat.

Salted Lemon Steamed Aconitum recipe

3. Pour out the steamed fish water, pour some cooked steamed fish soy sauce, put shredded green onions on the fish fillet, and drizzle it with boiling oil. You can prepare another dish of steamed fish soy sauce for dipping.

Salted Lemon Steamed Aconitum recipe


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