Big Mullet Rice

Big Mullet Rice

by Strawberry tea

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Big mullet is the name of a kind of salted fish. The big mullet rice made with it is quite delicious. First, steam a pot of rice, then kick off the salted fish and stir-fry with some sausage. The taste is very good. The key is It is also very nourishing. Big mullet rice is very nourishing. It can be eaten by people who are often weak and anemic. It is a good nourishing meal.


Big Mullet Rice

1. Kick off the meat and chop a little bit.

Big Mullet Rice recipe

2. Dice the sausage.

Big Mullet Rice recipe

3. The rice is steamed in advance.

Big Mullet Rice recipe

4. Pour some oil into the pot and sauté the ginger and garlic.

Big Mullet Rice recipe

5. Pour the fish into the pan and fry until fragrant.

Big Mullet Rice recipe

6. Put the diced sausages and stir fry.

Big Mullet Rice recipe

7. Add an appropriate amount of cooking wine.

Big Mullet Rice recipe

8. Drizzle a little light soy sauce.

Big Mullet Rice recipe

9. When the meat in the pot is cooked through, add the rice.

Big Mullet Rice recipe

10. Stir-fry the rice and meat evenly, and stir-fry continuously.

Big Mullet Rice recipe

11. Add appropriate amount of shredded green onion before serving, stir evenly.

Big Mullet Rice recipe


Put the chopped green onion last.
Because the salted fish has a taste, so don't put salt in it.


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