Boiled Fish in Red Sour Soup

Boiled Fish in Red Sour Soup

by Happy elf a

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I can’t remember when, I ate the fish in red and sour soup once. It was a meal with a friend, and the friend ordered the food. When the store brought a pot of fish, the red torch made the elf mutter in his heart. How spicy is it? My friend laughed without saying a word, and took the chopsticks with doubts. Wow, it turned out not to be spicy. It tasted sour and spicy. It was the effect of the millet pepper. Afterwards, my friend explained in detail that it was fish boiled in red and sour soup. It was sour and flavorful. If you like spicy food, you can add some millet pepper.
When I met something delicious, I had to share it with my family. The first thing I did when I came home was Taobao. I quickly found a store with good reviews and affordable prices. I immediately bought two bottles, and the store also gave it a thoughtful gift. Made wood ginger oil and chili noodles.
Unfortunately, during the express delivery, my mother went back to her hometown because of an emergency, so she temporarily put aside the making of sour soup fish; when she came back from her hometown, she showed it to her mother like a treasure, and made a pot. The fish used the mullet that my mother had brought from her hometown. It was raised in my grandma’s own fish pond. It was more than 3 catties. The meat was very delicious and cooked in a pot. It was very appetizing and refreshing. Everyone had a good meal.


Boiled Fish in Red Sour Soup

1. Clean up the mullet. (The elves have been cut into pieces and cleaned up)

Boiled Fish in Red Sour Soup recipe

2. Various ingredients are prepared.

Boiled Fish in Red Sour Soup recipe

3. Remove the roots of Jinzhenru, wash the tofu skin and cut into thick silk.

Boiled Fish in Red Sour Soup recipe

4. Heat the pan with cold oil, add the millet pepper, ginger, and garlic and stir fry.

Boiled Fish in Red Sour Soup recipe

5. Pour in an appropriate amount of red sour soup and stir fry over low heat.

Boiled Fish in Red Sour Soup recipe

6. Add proper amount of water after frying out the fragrance.

Boiled Fish in Red Sour Soup recipe

7. Add the fish cubes.

Boiled Fish in Red Sour Soup recipe

8. Cover the pot and cook for 20 minutes.

Boiled Fish in Red Sour Soup recipe

9. Add tofu skins and golden needles.

Boiled Fish in Red Sour Soup recipe

10. Add appropriate amount of salt and chicken powder, and cook for 5 minutes to let the fish fillet. Pour a small amount of wood ginger oil and sprinkle with chives before serving.

Boiled Fish in Red Sour Soup recipe


1: The fish can also be replaced with your favorite grass carp, silver carp, and perch~~~
2: The side dishes can also be changed as you like. If there is a lot of fish, you don't need side dishes.
3: Sour soup is made of fresh red pepper, tomatoes, edible salt, white wine, ginger, garlic, wood ginger and other condiments. It is refreshing and appetizing. It is an indispensable seasoning for sour soup fish.


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