Sauce Elbow

Sauce Elbow

by Water pity

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Sauce pork knuckle is one of the traditional Chinese food, rich in nutrition, delicious in color, flavor and flavor. Today we will introduce one of the simplest original methods.


Sauce Elbow

1. Soak the elbow in cold water for 2 hours to soak out all the blood. Use salt to pickle the surface and put it into a compact bag.

Sauce Elbow recipe

2. Place in the refrigerator to marinate overnight.

Sauce Elbow recipe

3. It’s best to have the broth left over for each lo-mei at home.

Sauce Elbow recipe

4. Prepare a pot of water and simply blanch the pork knuckles.

Sauce Elbow recipe

5. Then change half a pot of clean water.

Sauce Elbow recipe

6. Add the broth.

Sauce Elbow recipe

7. Add the prepared ginger and garlic cloves.

Sauce Elbow recipe

8. Add the sauce.

Sauce Elbow recipe

9. Bring to a boil on high heat, then turn to medium and low heat, and set it to about 50 minutes.

Sauce Elbow recipe

10. After turning off the heat, do not remove the elbow immediately, soak it overnight, take it out the next day, and then knead it off.

Sauce Elbow recipe

11. It will be more greasy if it is directly matched with garlic mash.

Sauce Elbow recipe

12. A very simple home-cooked method, not many seasonings.

Sauce Elbow recipe


This method does not use too much spices. The main reason is that my broth is preserved every time and has a strong flavor. If not, you can buy a ready-made broth with appropriate ingredients.


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