Sauce Elbow

Sauce Elbow

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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The footsteps of the New Year are getting closer and closer, and the New Year dishes can be practiced, and warm up in advance.
For the Chinese New Year in my hometown, the pork knuckle in sauce is an indispensable delicacy. After the pork knuckle is roasted with a special blowtorch, it is soaked in water for about an hour, scraped and cleaned with a knife, and the sauce is cooked in a large pot of wood fire. Thinking about the taste will leave saliva.
In the building, there is no firewood, but the sauce elbow is the same to be done, cooked with care, and it will also be delicious.


Sauce Elbow

1. Pork knuckles are blanched in boiling water and then scraped and cleaned with a knife. After blanching, they are cleaned, and the surface is pierced with a knife for easy taste

Sauce Elbow recipe

2. Put 2 tablespoons of oil in the wok and stir fry with sugar on low heat

Sauce Elbow recipe

3. Fry it looks like brown foam

Sauce Elbow recipe

4. Add water, the amount of water can be reduced first

Sauce Elbow recipe

5. Pour into the casserole, put the elbows, if you see that the water is not enough, you can add it now, the casserole is big enough, and the water should be as level as the elbows

Sauce Elbow recipe

6. Add cooking wine

Sauce Elbow recipe

7. Put in light soy sauce and dark soy sauce

Sauce Elbow recipe

8. Put in the prepared seasoning and salt

Sauce Elbow recipe

9. Cover, boil and simmer on low heat for about 1 hour, turning once in the middle

Sauce Elbow recipe

10. When the time is up, you can easily pierce it through with chopsticks

Sauce Elbow recipe


Clean the pork knuckle carefully. Scrap it while it is hot. Scrap it carefully with a knife. After cleaning it, scald it and then scrape it again. The hairy areas can be carefully removed with tweezers.


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