Sautéed Lamb Heart

Sautéed Lamb Heart

by Chunchun Chef

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Sautéed Lamb Heart

1. Wash the sheep's heart and slice it, soak in clean water for more than four hours, and change the water every half an hour. Boil a pot under cold water, add cooking wine, green onions, and ginger to remove fishy. After the water is boiled, remove it and wash it with warm water again, and drain it for later use. Prepare other ingredients. Prepare the sauce: soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, oyster sauce, spicy sauce and bean paste.

Sautéed Lamb Heart recipe

2. Add vegetable oil to the wok to heat up, add green onion, ginger and garlic until fragrant, add lamb heart and stir fry evenly.

Sautéed Lamb Heart recipe

3. Add colored peppers and green peppers and stir fry over high heat. Add the seasoning sauce and stir fry evenly. Use a small amount of potato starch to make water starch thicken before being out of the pan, and stir-fry quickly and evenly out of the pan.

Sautéed Lamb Heart recipe

4. Finished product.

Sautéed Lamb Heart recipe


This dish is seasoned with sauce without adding salt. The final thickening step can increase the color, and the stir-frying speed must be fast, or it can be omitted.


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