Stir-fried Lamb Heart

Stir-fried Lamb Heart

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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Sheep heart is really a good ingredient. It has no taboos for any people and can be eaten. Its benefits can be seen. It has a very good effect on nourishing blood and calming the nerves. The method is also very casual. It can be fried and cooked Dip, braised stew, etc. At the same time, its price is low. I buy three for 10 yuan, and it is cost-effective to eat one time with sufficient nutrition.

Today I am the fried lamb heart, but it must be cooked until half-cooked before the stir-fry so that it is healthy to eat.


Stir-fried Lamb Heart

1. Sheep heart ready

Stir-fried Lamb Heart recipe

2. Boil the water in a boiling pot and cook the sheep's heart for 20 minutes. Take out the lamb's heart. Before cooking, cut each sheep's heart in half. Put some cooking wine in the water to get rid of the smell.

Stir-fried Lamb Heart recipe

3. Slice cooked lamb heart, not too thin, slightly thicker and chewy

Stir-fried Lamb Heart recipe

4. Carrot slices, garlic and ginger slices, chili slices into triangles

Stir-fried Lamb Heart recipe

5. Hot fried pesto cloves and ginger slices in a wok

Stir-fried Lamb Heart recipe

6. Add carrots and fry until soft

Stir-fried Lamb Heart recipe

7. Add the chili cubes and stir fry

Stir-fried Lamb Heart recipe

8. Pour into the sheep's heart, and then put the salt

Stir-fried Lamb Heart recipe

9. Stir fry over high heat until the heart of the sheep is oily

Stir-fried Lamb Heart recipe


Boil the lamb heart for 20 minutes before frying, so that the lamb heart is half-cooked or fully cooked. When cooking, you can add some cooking wine and chili to remove the smell


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