Small Green Pepper recipes

Stir-fried String Beans

Green Beans, Small Green Pepper, Garlic

Salt and Pepper Potato Shrimp

Fresh Shrimp, Potato, Dried Chili

Stewed Trotter with Lotus Seed

Trotters, Lotus Seed, Ginger

Small Yellow Croaker with Thai Sauce

Small Yellow Croaker, Lemon, Vegetable Oil

Almighty Cold Sauce

Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Oyster Sauce

Spicy Fish

Consuming Fish, Oil, Ginger

Shredded Potato Fried Rice

Potato, Salt, Pepper

Spinach Noodles

Noodles, Spinach, Bean Curd

Choy Sum Can be Fried Like This, You Must Not Know It

Small Green Pepper, Little Red Pepper, Sausage

Tofu Balls

Tofu (for Frying), Egg, Small Green Pepper

Cold Elbow

Pork Knuckle, Parsley, Star Anise

Beer Three Yellow Chicken

Three Yellow Chicken, Lettuce, Celery

Cucumber Salad

Cucumber, Little Red Pepper, Single Garlic

Easy Shredded King Pleurotus

Pleurotus Eryngii, Little Red Pepper, Small Green Pepper