Scallion Noodles

Scallion Noodles

by Linlin's Kitchen LL

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Noodles are the most elemental things and need the right finishing touch to make it sublime.
There are toppings on the noodles, indicating that the bowl of noodles has a famous name, and the soul basically belongs to that person.
Whether it’s beef noodles, large pai noodles, simmered noodles...
If the surface is pure and clean, but one bite down and you find that the flavor is hidden in it, and it is indescribable, this bowl of noodles will have a way.


Scallion Noodles

1. Choose small scallions, preferably short white scallions, longer leaves, small scallions preferred by the onion, and full of fragrance. To add, the scallion oil produced by these ingredients is basically the amount of five times.

Scallion Noodles recipe

2. Wash and cut the chives, about 5 cm long, don’t need to be strict.

Scallion Noodles recipe

3. Warm the pan with cold oil, put the two kinds of oil into the pan at once, and start cooking the scallion oil under the onion section.

Scallion Noodles recipe

4. Strictly control the oil temperature throughout the process. When the green onions are discolored and dry, add light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, and sugar, and mix well. If you are particular about it, you can also add some soaked open ocean, that is, high-quality dried shrimp. More freshness and flavor

Scallion Noodles recipe

5. When the scallions have been completely immersed in the oil and blended with each other.
Scallion oil is green in black, but still faintly transparent.
A sacrifice. In exchange for a kind of sublimation.
Scallion oil is fragrant, lard is slippery, soy sauce is salty and sweet.

Scallion Noodles recipe

6. I won’t say much about the process of cooking noodles. It’s best to open the lid all the way through high heat and stir frequently to avoid sticking. Drain the cooked noodles, put them in a bowl, and pour in scallion oil according to personal taste.

Scallion Noodles recipe

7. Mix the scallion oil with the noodles. Each noodle is evenly coated with an appropriate amount of scallion oil. A bowl of fragrant and smooth scallion oil noodles is complete.

Scallion Noodles recipe


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